Plastic hooded covers

Plastic hooded covers

FTK Förderband Technik Kilian GmbH has enjoyed renown for belt conveyor hooded covers made of metal for many years. We have decisively extended our product range with the sale and distribution of plastic cover hoods.

Due to statutory requirements, different sectors of industry require alternatives to the metal systems. In particular, the industries of food, sugar, chemicals, potash and salt are reliant on hooded covers made of Organit plastic. The corrosion resistant hoods reliably protect conveyor belt, roller bearings and the material conveyed against the weather. They can be easily removed at any location so that the conveyor belt can be inspected and then replaced.

Organit conveyor belt hooded covers made of rigid PVC, transparent and natural, in sheeting pile 70/18 have the following features:

  • hardly inflammable DIN standard 4102
  • impact resistant DIN standard 7748
  • chemically stable DIN standard 16929
  • maintenance-free
  • low weight
  • easy handling